Remember Baghdad

By Edwin Shuker

Sunday, May 14

USA 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET

UK 8:00 pm / France 09:00 pm / Israel 10:00 pm

The talk will last approximately 90 minutes

About this talk

In 2015 Edwin Shuker was asked if he had any film footage of Baghdad for a documentary that was being produced about the story of Jews in Iraq.  The director was incredulous when Edwin offered to fly to Baghdad with the film crew and get the footage himself! In doing so he revisited his childhood home, which he had not seen since the day his family escaped for their lives when he was young. In addition to that, he even purchased a new house in the city of Erbil! Over the course of the trip and production, Edwin vividly relived his life and the life of 2000 years of Jewish history in Iraq. In this talk he will share that life and let you live it too.

About Edwin

Edwin Shuker was born in Baghdad in 1955 and lived the early part of his life under the shadow of fear and persecution in Iraq. In 1971 he managed to escape the country with his family and made their way to Britain, where they were accepted as refugees and granted asylum. Today Edwin is a London-based international businessman with a wide range of educational, communal and charitable involvement. He is a public speaker campaigning and seeking redress on behalf of Jews from Arab countries. Edwin is the elected Vice President of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and a former Vice President of the European Jewish Congress.

Watch Edwin Shuker talking at the AJC Global Forum 2019's "Faces of the Diaspora":


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