Jewish Heritage Tours 2024

Discover the Golden Age of Spanish Jewry with:

Sephardic Jewish Heritage
Tour to Spain

Main trip: November 12-20, 2024 

Barcelona extension: November 20-24, 2024







Other Jewish Tours by our partners

Jewish Tour of Poland and Germany

25 August – 4 September, 2024

10 nights // 11 days

This is a unique, privately guided Jewish heritage and World War II history and folklore tour of Poland and Germany

We invite you to join us for this tour, based on the internationally published book Monsters and Miracles: Horror, Heroes, and the Holocaust by Ira Wesley Kitmacher (2022). Ira was the inspiration for, co-designed, and co-leads this tour. Ira takes a cinematic view of the Holocaust: one part horror and the other part a hero and superhero story. The forces of good overcome those of evil. There is no way to fully understand the Holocaust and currently rising hatred without understanding these underlying topics.

Jewish Balkans and Central Europe

Western Balkans: Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia – and Trieste (Italy)

6–17 May, 2024 & Summer 2025

11 nights // 12 days

Romania, Serbia, and Szeged (Hungary)

20 May–1 June, 2024 

 12 nights // 13 days

Albania, Montenegro, and Corfu (Greece)

27 May–7 June 2024 & Summer 2025

11 night // 12 days

Sephardic Balkans: Bulgaria, North Macedonia, and Greece

10–21 June, 2024

11 nights // 12 days

Tailor-made tours by our partners

Jewish Argentina 

(Itineraries are 100% customizable)

Argentina is a wonderful and captivating country, with its diverse landscapes, from the majestic Andes to the breathtaking glaciers, the mighty waterfalls, and the vibrant city life of Buenos Aires. Explore the rich cultural tapestry, savor world-renowned cuisine and wines, and let yourself be enchanted by the tango. A journey through Argentina promises a variety of unforgettable experiences for every traveler.

Buenos Aires and surroundings

Jewish Tour / City Tour / Art Tour / Tango shows, and much more

North and the Central Region

Iguazu Falls / Mendoza,  and much more

Patagonia and Tierra del Fuego

Bariloche / Peninsula Valdes/ El Calafate / Glaciers / Ushuaia


10 days of Cultural, Musical, and Magical Explorations

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March 8-17, 2024

September 6-16, 2024

December 20-29, 2024