Supported projects

These are some of the projects, organizations and communities you have supported with your participation in our events:

Kavkazi "Mountain Jews"

"Aviv for Holocaust Survivors", a non-profit organization established in 2007 for the purpose of ensuring the full realization by Holocaust Survivors of their rights. Of the estimated 200,000 elderly survivors living in Israel today, approximately one- quarter are living in poverty. Thousands of them do not take advantage of all their rights, whether granted to them by law or under various programs.

Jews of Barcelona

Masorti Congregation ATID of Barcelona, the first egalitarian congregation in Spain since 1992. Their diversity reflects in a welcoming, respectful and dynamic atmosphere.

Jewish Lithuania and Jewish Riga (Latvia)

Youth club ILAN in Vilnius. This local Jewish community organization does a great job bringing Jewish values to children.

History of the Jews in Argentina

Museum of the Jewish Colonies in Villa Dominguez. This center is dedicated to the preservation and exhibition of the rich material and documental testimony of the Jewish agricultural colonies founded by Baron Maurice de Hirsch through his Jewish Colonization Association in the Argentinian province of Entre Ríos, in which thousands of Russian Jews settled between the late XIX and early XX centuries.

The History of the Jews of Belarus

The Together Plan, a small charity with a big vision - to put Jewish Belarus back on the world map and help isolated Jewish communities find their voice and learn skills for self-development.

Jewish Bulgaria

The Bulgarian translation of Saul Mezan's book Les Juifs espagnols en Bulgarie, (Sofia, 1925) currently only availabe in French.

From Ethiopia to Israel

Association of Ethiopian Jews (AEJ), Israel's premier Ethiopian Israeli-led organization, advocating for an equal and just society. Founded in 1993, IAEJ advances equitable policies to close gaps, change prevailing attitudes and improve the quality of life of Israelis of Ethiopian descent on every level.

Jewish Romania

Tarbut Foundation, whose goal is to keep alive the memory of the 40,000 Maramures Jews that lived in the region before the Holocaust

Remember Baghdad

The Maureen Kendler Educational Trust provides bursaries to encourage Jewish women to undertake advanced studies in Judaism so that they can follow Maureen's example and play more active roles in their communities.

Jewish Finland

The Helsinki Jewish Community, for the improvement of the security of its premises.

From Yemen to Israel

Michael Levin Lone Soldier Center, an organization that strives to provide both warm meals and a real community for lone soldiers (IDF soldiers without family in Israel).

Polish Jews

The Genealogy Department of the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw, which for more than 20 years has been researching the histories of Jewish families from Poland.

The Jews of Spain

The Reform Jewish Community of Madrid prides itself for its diversity and plurality. The community is known for its inclusion of Jews from distinctive backgrounds and traditions.

Jewish Mexico

Cadena, a non-profit organization of Jewish Mexican youths dedicated to the prevention and assistance during emergencies and natural disasters. Their efficiency and transparency have taken them all over the world.

Rosh HaShanah event

Sarah Avrahami, a lady in her 80s who devotes her endless energies to collect food and donations in the Machane Yehuda market, the main market of Jerusalem. She distributes everything to the poor of the city. With the help of her numerous grandchildren and supporters, she helps dozens of families to celebrate the high holidays in their full glory.

Jewish Budapest

Marom Budapest, a socially active Masorti youth group, which organizes holiday celebrations, events, volunteering, discussions and other programs.

Greek Jewry

Fund for the needy of the Jewish Community of Athens.

Turkish Jews

Jewish Museum of Turkey (officially Quincentennial Foundation Museum of Turkish Jews).

Growing up Jewish in Uganda

Abayudaya College Scholarship, which has raised and administered funds to send more than 40 students to colleges and universities in Uganda since 2001.

Music of Sefarad

Canadian Feed the Children, an organization seeking to create long-term, sustainable food security and access to education, and build community capacity for sustainable development in Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Bolivia and in Indigenous communities in Canada.

The Jewish Heritage of Brazil

Memorial of the Jewish immigration and the Holocaust in São Paulo. The museum was inaugurated on February 2016 in the building of the Kehilat Israel Synagogue, in Bom Retiro. It is the first museum dedicated to Jewish immigration in Brazil with the purpose to preserve the traditions of the community.

The Jews of the Silk Road

Bukharian Ethnographic Society and Bukharian Jewish Heritage "MEROS" museum. For several decades, its Executive Director, Mr. Aron Aronov, has transported embroidered garments, kitchen and farm implements, portraits and artifacts, and other examples of traditional Bukharian Jewish culture from his native Uzbekistan to New York, where they are displayed in his museum.

Moroccan Jewry

"Shahar Avakeshkha שחר אבקשך" project, which aims at preserving the tradition of North African Jewry mainly through keeping alive the tradition of singing Bakkashot (supplications) and Andalusian music in Israel.

Jewish Life in China

Moishe House Beijing. A Moishe House is a place where young adults in their 20s come together and create vibrant Jewish communities. There are more than 100 communities in over 25 countries around the world. Each Moishe House community is uniquely shaped by a group of residents who live together and host programs for their peers.

The Jewish community of Mosul

Mosul Eye is a news blog (now an association) created and maintained by historian and citizen journalist Omar Mohammed. For more than two years, Mohammed used the blog to report conditions and events in the Iraqi city of Mosul during the occupation of ISIS. During this time, Mosul Eye was an anonymous blog. Mosul Eye is currently working on the recovery of Mosul and preservation of its history and cultural heritage through supporting and empowering youth and diversity.

The Jews of Iran

The Jewish Language Project of the Jewish Studies at the "Hebrew Union College". Its mission includes a recent focus on the Jewish Languages of Iran, actively taking steps to prevent the extinction of over a dozen Iranian Jewish languages and with them, the heritage and stories they contain.

Jewish Life in Berlin

SHIUR, an international Berlin based project that brings together, both in real life and digitally, a diverse group of academics, diplomats, artists, scientists, professionals, students and others to explore culture, theory, Jewish spirituality and other content through a critical lens.

The Jews of Andalucia, Morocco and Gibraltar

The Jewish School of Madrid: "Centro de Estudios Ibn Gabirol, Colegio Estrella Toledano", one of the only Jewish schools in Spain for children aged 3 to 18.

Jewish Amsterdam

Bendigamos, a warm and welcoming community, and one of the few left in the world living according to the Spanish & Portuguese Sephardic traditions. Bendigamos is working hard to revive an almost extinct community, so that its rich and beautiful heritage can flourish again.

Jewish Cuba

Beth Shalom Synagogue, Havana, Cuba. This is the Jewish Community Center of the island through which the aid can be distributed to all the members of the Jewish community of Cuba.

Jewish Africa

Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre (JHGC), South Africa. The JHGC explores the history of genocide in the 20th century with a focus on the Holocaust and the 1994 genocide in Rwanda.

The Jews of Prague

"Gan Bejachad", a one-of-a-kind Jewish kindergarten and nursery in Prague that operates for several dozen children who study bilingually in Czech and Hebrew and which offers kosher meals.

Jewish Languages Today

The Jewish Language Project of the Jewish Studies at the "Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion".

Jews of Siberia

Magen David Adom, Israel's national ambulance, blood-services, and disaster-relief organization, as well as Israel's representative to the International Red Cross.

Jewish life in France

Exilophone, an NGO dedicated to the integration of refugees in France through arts and music. They organize music workshops, concerts and festivals that connect refugees with locals and help building bridges between different communities (Jewish, Muslims, Christians and others).

The Bene-Israel of India and Jewish Burma

"Kammodan Mocadem Publishing House", established in 2017 with the objective to give an open platform for artists, authors & poets of Jewish Indian origin.

Jewish Lisbon and Portugal

Somej Nophlim - Jewish Charity Association of Portugal. This association was created in 1866 and has helped several Jews and non-Jews to stay out of poverty, especially during WWII.

Iraqi Kurdistan

Foundation of Ours, which supports Jewish expression in the Kurdistan Region, and provides platforms for reconciliation and coexistence between all communities.

Music among the Crypto-Jews of Portugal

Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS), an organization with a 20-year history of providing services to Native Canadian Residential School Survivors, their families, and to those dealing with inter-generational traumas. 

Jewish St. Petersburg and Jewish Moscow

Jewish Family Center "Adain Lo" located in St. Petersburg, Russia. A unique Family Center which unites over 1,000 families in St. Petersburg. Among the programs there are kindergartens with inclusive education; help to families in need, family camps, travel and more.

Jewish Tunisia

The upkeep of the Jewish cemetery of Tunis

Recalling Jewish Calcutta

Elias Meyer Free School and Talmud Torah in Kolkata, India.

The Jews of Scandinavia

Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS)  - Ukraine Crisis Response

HIAS works around the world to protect refugees who have been forced to flee their homelands because of who they are, including ethnic, religious, and sexual minorities.

Salonica and Sarajevo: Balkan Sephardi Metropolises

The publication of a collection of Ladino proverbs and sayings from the Balkans.

The Jewish Heritage of Hungary

Jewish History of Ireland

The Irish-Jewish Museum, one of the cultural hubs of the Irish-Jewish community today. It also preserves the memory of a small but important community that shaped Irish life during the early 20th century.

The Jews of Egypt and Jewish Bahrain

Sephardi Voices, an organization founded with the mission to record and capture the experiences of the Sephardi and Mizrahi Jews from the Middle East, North Africa and Iran who settled in the UK.

The Jews of Ukraine and Moldova

JCC Budapest - Ukraine Crisis

The Jews of London

World Jewish Relief, the British Jewish Community's Humanitarian Agency

The Jews of Jamaica

Kulanu Canada, established in 2014 to support and assist Jewish communities that are isolated, new or re-emerging, and to educate Canadians about these communities and the diversity of the Jewish people.

Curaçao's Jewish History

The Mikvé Israel-Emanuel synagogue in Curaçao, the oldest synagogue in continuous use in the American continent.

Stories from Jewish Barbados

The upkeep and maintenance of the Barbados Jewish Cemetery

Jews of Algeria

Diarna (דיארנא ديارنا "Our homes" in Judeo-Arabic): The Geo-Museum of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Life, working to digitally preserve the physical remnants of Jewish history throughout the region.

Jewish Serbia and Croatia

The Jewish community of Split, Croatia

The Jews of Panama

Matan Baseter Foundation in Panama, an organization dedicated to helping the families of the local Jewish Community that are most in need.

Venezuelan Jews

Friends of Yajad-Venezuela - which incorporates all Social Welfare Institutions part of the Venezuelan Jewish Community