Jewish Tour of 

Poland and Germany

Itinerary: Warsaw – Otwock - Lublin – Radom – Kielce - Krakow - Wieliczka – Krakow – Auschwitz - Wroclaw - Berlin – Potsdam - Wannsee - Berlin

29 April – 9 May, 2025

10 nights // 11 days

This is a unique, privately guided Jewish heritage and World War II history and folklore tour of Poland and Germany

We invite you to join us for this tour, based on the internationally published book Monsters and Miracles: Horror, Heroes, and the Holocaust by Ira Wesley Kitmacher (2022). Ira was the inspiration for, co-designed, and co-leads this tour. Ira takes a cinematic view of the Holocaust: one part horror and the other part a hero and superhero story. The forces of good overcome those of evil. There is no way to fully understand the Holocaust and currently rising hatred without understanding these underlying topics.

About Ira Wesley Kitmacher:

Ira Wesley Kitmacher is a historian and published author of books on European (Monsters and Miracles: Horror, Heroes and the Holocaust) and American (Spirits Along the Columbia River, Haunted Graveyard of the Pacific, and two upcoming books to be published fall 2024) history and folklore, as well as a book (Solomon's Steps) on Biblical approaches to resolving conflict. His books have appeared on Amazon's best-seller lists and are available through most booksellers. Ira has appeared in television news programs, filmed documentaries, magazines, radio programs, podcasts, newspapers, museum events, and conferences. He is a professor, teaching graduate-level courses at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., Portland State University in Oregon, as well as undergraduate courses at other colleges.