Qesher Book Club: "The Loving Life: Memoirs of an Iranian-Jewish Woman"

Tuesday, August 20

USA 12:00 pm PT / 3:00 pm ET

UK 8:00 pm / France 9:00 pm / Israel 10:00 pm

The talk will last approximately 60 minutes

About this talk

Ilana Ebrahimi Kahen, author of "The Loving Life", presents an insightful exploration of the impact of the 1979 Islamic Revolution on Iran's Jewish minority, detailing how this upheaval challenged their community and altered their lives. She investigates the experiences of female journalists during this period, highlighting their resilience and resistance amidst the sociopolitical turmoil.

Ilana also describes the challenges of establishing a Jewish kindergarten under the Islamic Republic's regulations, providing a unique perspective on maintaining education and psychological well-being in a restrictive regime. She recounts her journey from Iran to London, focusing on the cultural adaptation process and the preservation of identity within the diaspora.

In addition, Ilana discusses the significance of memoir writing in documenting personal and historical experiences. The presentation concludes with valuable lessons learned from Holocaust survivors, emphasizing the importance of inter-generational communication in preserving historical memory.

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About the Author

Ilana Ebrahim Kahen is an accomplished author and former journalist with a rich and diverse background. Born in Iran, she studied Persian Literature at Tehran University and spent a decade working for one of the country's leading newspapers. However, following the Islamic Revolution in 1979, she was expelled from her position due to her Jewish heritage.  Undeterred, Ilana pursued a diploma in Child Psychology and successfully established the only Jewish kindergarten in Iran under the new regime's regulations.
In 1993, Ilana relocated to London, where she continued her education and dedicated 27 years to working with a charity organization, collaborating with individuals from various backgrounds. 

Her memoir, The Loving Life, captures the bittersweet memories of her life in Iran and the United Kingdom, offering a poignant reflection on two contrasting socio-political landscapes. Her work has been supported by renowned Persian writer Abbas Marofi and has been celebrated in literary circles in both London and California. Through her writing, Ilana aims to share her experiences and the valuable lessons learned from her interactions with people of diverse cultures and histories.