Jewish Life in China:

Tales from the Far East

Sunday, August 29

USA (1:30pm PT / 4:30pm ET)

UK 9:30 pm / France 10:30 pm / Israel 11:30 pm

The talk will last approximately 90 minutes

About this talk

For many people it is perhaps surprising to learn that there has been a long and rich history of Jewish communities of diverse origins in China, with several waves of settlement in different periods, some lasting for centuries and some only decades. Others may know about the subject, but have never had the chance to delve into how these Jews arrived and lived in the Asian giant.

In this talk we will explore the three cities with the most relevant historical presence of Jews in China: Kaifeng (where a Jewish community was established in the Middle Ages and whose descendants still live today); Harbin (where Russian Jews formed a community in the early 20th century that lived and worked around the Trans-Siberian Railway), and Shanghai (where tens of thousands of European Jews came as refugees during WWII escaping the Nazis).

In addition, we will learn how Jewish life is today for those who currently live in China, mostly a mixture of diaspora Jews, Israeli citizens and native Sino-Jews.

About Pablo

Pablo Faivel Levinton was born in Argentina, where he graduated in Economics. After having worked in the energy sector he got bored of the routine and decided to start a new challenge by studying a master's degree in Beijing, China, where he has lived since 2017.

As a passionate traveler and advocate of Jewish culture, Pablo has studied Yiddish from his youth and traveled intensively, participating in different local Jewish communities wherever he has been. He runs a popular YouTube channel dedicated to visiting faraway places around the world where there are, or have been, Jewish communities. In regular episodes that blend English, Spanish, Yiddish, and Mandarin he shows his journeys and adventures to his more than 24,000 subscribers.

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