Qesher Magazine

In every edition of our magazine you will have the chance to know in depth one of our great speakers, learn about the stories of our participants, and discover the people behind the projects you help us support.

Third issue - January 2022

Get to know:

  • Debra Brunner, Founder of The Together Plan: a charity supporting community empowerment in Belarus
  • Valeriya Nakshun, Speaker of "Kavkazi Jews", culture writer, community outreach fellow and former dancer at Silk Road Dance Company (SRDC).
  • Leah Davcheva, Qesher Participant - coach, writer and researcher of Ladino speakers in Bulgaria

Rosh Hashanah Foodways and Traditions Around the World by Yaffi Lvova

They tried to kill us, we survived, let's eat!"--the theme of every Jewish holiday! But what exactly are we eating? And why? Jewish culinary tradition varies between families. Food-related differences can be attributed to the surrounding culture, to geographical location, and to food migration around the globe. This  edition feature recipes of different Jewish culinary traditions that were featured in our event

Rosh Hashanah Food Traditions Around the World. If you are interested in other Jewish food related talks, sign up here and we will notify you when they are scheduled.

Second issue - September 2021

Get to know: 

  •  Peninah Zilberman, founder of Tarbut Foundation, Marumures, Romania
  • Omar Mohammed, speaker about "Jews of Mosul", founder of Mosul Eye
  • Faith Goldman, Qesher participant sharing the story of her husband and the Shanghai ghetto

First issue - June 2021

Get to know:

  • Aleksandra Sajdak, genealogist at the Jewish Historical Institute of Warsaw

  • Miriam Camerini, speaker of "Jews of Italy", theater director and rabbinical student

  • Amy Aronson, Qesher participant, researcher of "converso Jews" and more