Over a century after the world was introduced to the charming Anatevka in Sholom Aleichem's "Tevye the Dairyman", the fictional shtetl has become a reality.

Get to know Sarah Bunin Benor, Professor of Contemporary Jewish Studies at the Hebrew Union College, founder and director of the HUC Jewish Language Project and author of several books about Jewish languages.

Get to know Valeriya Nakshun: speaker on Qesher about the "Kavkazi Jews", culture writer, Community Outreach Fellow and former dancer at Silkroad Dance Company (SRDC)

Get To Know Leah Davcheva, partipant of Qesher's events and writer of Kaleidoscope of Identities. In her book she tells stories of Sephardic Jews in Bulgaria, and how the Ladino language impacted their lives.